Group IV Semiconductor
The Silicon Light Company

The Group IV team is driven by the excitement of perfecting leading edge optoelectronic technology to build innovative lighting products for a global marketplace. If you thrive in the rapidly evolving environment of a startup company, working in a small team of highly experienced technical personnel, please introduce yourself with an email to, indicating which position interests you.

Reliability Engineer
Role: Develop reliability and lifetime test capability.
Skills: Device reliability physics; test rack implementation.
Experience: Five+ years of reliability work after degree.
Education: Science or engineering degree, preferably MSc or PhD.

Assembly/Packaging Engineer
Role: Develop device assembly procedures and constructions.
Skills: Mechanical, thermal, and optical engineering.
Experience: Three+ years of work after degree.
Education: Relevant engineering or science degree.

Wafer Fabrication Op-Tech
Role: Half shift equipment technologist, half shift laboratory operator.
Skills: Photolithography and evaporation tool maintenance and operation.
Experience: Two+ years of work in wafer fabrication.
Education: Three year college diploma or equivalent in electronics, electro-mechanical or robotics.