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The Business Case

Who’s Going to Buy Solid-state Lighting—and Why?

Consumers and corporations alike are feeling the crunch of rising energy costs. Conservation—of electricity, for example—makes sense in principle, but it’s tough to put into practice when homes, businesses and public spaces are increasingly dependent on electronic systems and devices.

Solid-state lighting represents an opportunity to cut back significantly on energy consumption and its associated costs—without having to reduce society’s reliance on that most basic electrical commodity: light.

A powerfully bright idea
Some $12 billion is spent globally every year on lamps for general illumination. Yet conventional lighting technologies are grossly inefficient. More than 90 percent of the energy used by incandescent lamps ends up producing waste heat. Compact fluorescent lamps still waste some 75% of the electricity they use as heat. All that waste devours resources and contributes to the production of carbon emissions.

Remarkably efficient and versatile, solid-state lighting could save some 860 TWh of electricity per year and eliminate 200 million tons of annual carbon emissions worldwide. These are huge numbers—and they’re tied directly to cost savings for consumers and businesses, the engines of our economies. That makes for an undeniably compelling business case.